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We hire managers and build portfolios that work to meet your financial goals. 

We recognize that fees, taxes, and other risks can significantly hinder your financial goals, so we apply the following features to every family profile:


Not only do we keep investment fees low, but most investors don't realize that the dealer takes, on average, between 50 and 70 percent of all the fees you pay.

We utilize Canada's lowest-cost, full-service dealer, and the savings we enjoy are passed on to our clients.


With tax rates in many provinces exceeding 50 percent, taxes on investment income are often the number one drag on your portfolio's performance.

We are highly tax aware. In fact, our managers have taught investment-related tax courses to accountants. Working with your accountant, or independently, we will devise an optimal strategy to minimize your tax obligations.


We will also work to identify other unforeseen risks that may affect you reaching your financial goals.

Whether it involves providing downside protection to your portfolio or identifying health related risks, by addressing and minimizing these risks ahead of time, we will ensure you meet your objectives.


By ensuring your fees, taxes and other risks are minimized, we ensure that you keep more of your savings so you can achieve your goals sometimes years sooner.


Senior Wealth Manager and Investment Advisor


About the Founder

Guy Anderson is a Senior Wealth Manager and Investment Advisor, and has worked in the financial services industry for almost 20 years. He has been quoted in a number of media publications and programs, including: the Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Toronto Star, CBC, Post City and CP24.

Completing his Canadian Securities Institute courses in the early 1990s, Guy is now and advisor, and writer for the courses themselves. He earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1998, and went on to earn his MBA, with a specialization in finance, in 2007. Guy is also the holder of a number of designations, including CIM, FMA and FCSI.


Early on in Guy's career he realized the impact that taxes can have on the amount of money an individual actually takes home. He is a firm believer that if taxes, fees and risks are minimized people will achieve their goals far sooner than if even one of these ingredients is ignored. Not only has Guy prepared over 1,000 tax returns in his career he has taught an investment related tax course to hundreds of accountants.

In his spare time Guy is the Founder and President of the Leslieville Historical society. Many of Guy`s clients also appreciate that he sits on the board of Theralase technologies Inc., a local medical services company that is investigating a cure for cancer. Guy is also the founder of the RDSP Giving Trust, a not-for-profit that aims to match donors with beneficiaries that without their help likely would not benefit from the features of the RDSP


As a senior, I have come to trust and rely upon Guy Anderson's good judgement in making financial decisions. He has been a personable, professional, highly proficient and profitable advisor to me in money matters for many years. I especially appreciate Guy's collaborative approach in patiently taking the time to fully explain the benefits an pitfalls of each investment option before we make a decision. He's not just a "good Guy" when it comes to investing, he's a "great Guy." 

James P., Toronto

We at the CMA were fortunate enough to have Guy and his partner present at a professional development seminar for members across southern Ontario. Their presentation covered unique and sophisticated tax planning opportunities and was delivered in an informative, entertaining and professional manner. The attendees and myself were thoroughly impressed. The presentation was of high calibre and was received extremely well by the CMA members. I would recommend their expertise as presenters, planners and professionals. 

Jim Dimovski, Manager, Member Network Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

Guy Anderson came into my life right after my husband passed and saved me! He has handled my finances brilliantly as a professional and now a friend. His assistance is immeasurable.

Nancy V., Toronto


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